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October 2023

PreCardix® Dosing and Timing | Measuring Blood Pressure while on PreCardix® | Money Back Guarantee

Healthy blood pressure is an important factor for longevity and maintaining healthy blood pressure levels reduces the risk of developing blood pressure-related conditions. Personalize your blood pressure control through a combination of diet, lifestyle and therapeutic interventions. Always consult with your health care provider before making changes to your blood pressure management plan.

Thank you for choosing PreCardix® to support your blood pressure health. Here are some tips on how to take it for best results. 

How should PreCardix® be taken? 

Take two (2) tablets (1200mg) together daily, preferably away from food. Allow 8 weeks (2 packs) to achieve results. Continue to take daily to maintain results. Blood pressure may rise to pre-treatment levels if it is discontinued. 


How soon should an effect on blood pressure health be expected after starting PreCardix®?

In clinical trials, 89% of participants experienced a significant effect on blood pressure health within two to eight weeks. Take PreCardix® for at least eight weeks (2 weeks) before determining if it works for you. 


How much of an effect on blood pressure health is expected after starting PreCardix®?

In the clinical study, the average reduction in blood pressure was 6.7 mmHg in systolic blood pressure and 1.7 mmHg in diastolic blood pressure within 8 weeks2. These results are compared to baseline blood pressure (participants’ blood pressure before introducing PreCardix®). Furthermore, 43% of participants improved their systolic blood pressure greater than 10 mmHg, and 24% had an improvement of over 15 mmHg in systolic blood pressure.

2 Musa-Veloso K, Paulionis L, Pelipyagina T, Evans M. A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Multicentre Trial of the Effects of a Shrimp Protein Hydrolysate on Blood Pressure. Int J Hypertens. 2019;2019:2345042. Published 2019 Aug 5. doi:10.1155/2019/2345042. Ref. table 4.


How often should someone measure their blood pressure when taking PreCardix®

Hypertension Canada recommends measuring blood pressure two times in the morning and evening at roughly the same time each day for one week to establish baseline blood pressure. You can record your results using our free App or printing the Hypertension Canada blood pressure log


Consistent timing of measurements is important because blood pressure will fluctuate throughout the day. Factors that can affect blood pressure include; caffeine intake, smoking, exercise and stress levels. Once you establish your baseline blood pressure, you can track post-intervention improvements, such as introducing PreCardix®, by measuring your blood pressure twice morning and evening once each week, for eight weeks. With PreCardix®, you can expect results within two to eight weeks. 

The frequency at which you measure your blood pressure is essential, and so is how you measure it. Check out this blog for simple steps for taking your BP at home to ensure your readings are accurate and reliable. Remember to always use a Hypertension Canada-approved blood pressure device for the most accurate readings. 

It’s essential to monitor your blood pressure regularly and accurately to understand if PreCardix® is a good fit for you. Always share your blood pressure readings with your health care provider to ensure your blood pressure management plan is effective and safe to continue.

What if blood pressure hasn’t changed after taking PreCardix® for eight weeks? 

There are five important factors to consider in consultation with your health care provider when determining the effectiveness of PreCardix®

1. PreCardix® was taken as directed – Two (2) tablets (1200mg) together daily and preferably away food. 

2. Blood pressure at eight weeks was compared to baseline blood pressure before introducing PreCardix®.

3. Baseline blood pressure was established by measuring blood pressure two times each morning and evening for one week before introducing PreCardix®.

4. Blood pressure at eight weeks was established by measuring blood pressure for one week two times each morning and evening, eight weeks after introducing PreCardix®.

5. Lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, stress and other habits have not changed negatively.

If you have completed these five steps and have not experienced the desired effect in your blood pressure, please discuss options with your health care provider.  If you choose to discontinue PreCardix®, please refer to our ‘money-back guarantee’ details below. 

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Money-Back Guarantee 

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your results after taking PreCardix® for at least 8 weeks, we will provide a full refund for up to two months of product (2 x 60 tablets). Email us at support@precardix.ca for next steps. 


Questions? Chat with us or send us a note at support@precardix.ca


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Important Information

Always consult with your health care provider before making changes to your blood pressure management plan. PreCardix® does not treat, cure or prevent medical conditions. Measure and monitor blood pressure regularly. Know the signs of heart attack and stroke. Do not take PreCardix® if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have renal artery stenosis, history of angioneurotic edema or shellfish allergy.