After Solveig’s father suffered a serious stroke, she vowed to keep her blood pressure healthy.

Solveig's Story

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Solveig has always prioritized a healthy, active lifestyle, yet she struggled to control her blood pressure. Solveig’s father, Øivin, a strong, active man in his late sixties, also struggled with blood pressure control and ultimately experienced a stroke that left him paralyzed on one half of his body. Though Øivin was aware of his blood pressure condition, he discontinued prescribed blood pressure medication due to side effects. Solveig’s father eventually passed away a few years after his first stroke. 

Unlike her father, Solveig used traditional blood pressure medication successfully and without side effects for over ten years. On her doctor’s advice, she eventually weaned off her mediation and managed to control her blood pressure through diet and exercise. For the most part, Solveig put her blood pressure history out of her mind. 

Five years later, Solveig’s daughter Kari asked her mom about her blood pressure. Reluctantly Solveig measured her blood pressure only to discover that her blood pressure had increased over the years and was no longer in a healthy range. 

Solveig was worried. Her father’s history was a reminder that even ‘healthy’ people are not immune to blood pressure issues. A few weeks later, after consulting with her doctor, Solveig tried PreCardix®, a clinically proven, safe, and effective natural product for healthy blood pressure and cardiovascular health. In a peer-reviewed, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study, the bioactive marine peptides in PreCardix® were effective for 89% of adults in eight weeks or less, without significant side effects.  

Though medication had not caused her side effects, Solveig was curious to see if PreCardix® could naturally support her blood pressure. In January, Solveig added two tablets of PreCardix® each morning before breakfast to her routine. Within days her blood pressure improved, and by April, her blood pressure stabilized. 

In addition to the positive benefits of healthy blood pressure, Solveig is happy knowing that she can manage her condition with PreCardix®, and of course, her dog Pepper is too!

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