Canadians First to Try a New Solution to Prevent Elevated Blood Pressure

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After 10 years of extensive research, the Norwegian biotech company Marealis launches a new blood pressure lowering supplement made from arctic shrimp shells. Canadian citizens are first in line to experience PreCardix and its beneficial health effects.

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Preventing the development of elevated blood pressure

In 2002, a scientific report on peptides found in shrimp shells expressed positive benefits on the heart, including blood pressure lowering effects[1]. This sensational discovery led to an extensive research process. The goal was to examine and document the cardiovascular benefits from this previously underutilized source. The initiative came in 2007 from Marealis’ owner Stella Polaris, one of the world-leading producers of peeled coldwater shrimp.

PreCardix is now a science backed natural health product with a clinically proven blood pressure regulating effect. The approved health claims are linked to maintaining healthy blood pressure levels and to support general cardiovascular health. With PreCardix, Marealis aims to keep more people from developing elevated blood pressure by changing focus from treatment to prevention.

We are excited to introduce PreCardix as a new and preventative solution to an important health challenge. By utilizing a natural and sustainable source that initially was considered worthless, our mission is for more people to avoid a lifetime on medicines” says Jaran Rauø, Head of R&D.

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  • PreCardix has a strong and documented blood pressure lowering effect.
  • You should experience a noticeable effect after only 2 weeks of use.
  • PreCardix is made from a natural and safe ingredient.
  • PreCardix is based on 10 years of extensive research, clinical testing and product development.
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Canada is first out

In May 2017, Health Canada was the first health authority in the world to approve the positive effects of bioactive peptides in shrimp shells. The approval was based on 10 years of comprehensive research and clinical evidence, including clinical trial in Canada. “There are 6 million Canadians struggling with high blood pressure. Most of them don’t even experience any symptoms. Another 6 million are prehypertensive, meaning their blood pressure is heading for the danger zone. PreCardix is a natural health product that prevents this ever increasing health challenge in our society. By using the by-product from shrimp production, we are exploiting a valuable source that otherwise would be discarded. In this way we are benefiting both the society and the environment”, says Andreas Semmingsen, Head of Sales and Marketing. Marealis is currently awaiting approval from US authorities (FDA) as well as the Norwegian and European authorities. Due to strict regulations for new dietary supplements and natural health products, the process of approving PreCardix’s health claims can be comprehensive.

[1] Bordenave et al. 2002