My Journey to Healthy Blood Pressure

As a 36-year-old mother of three, I never expected to have worry about my blood pressure. I have always considered myself to be healthy, and I did not have any major risk factors for blood pressure issues. However, after checking my blood pressure randomly one day, I realized that it was dangerously high.   My […]

Mohammad managed to achieve healthy blood pressure without side effects.

“PreCardix® is a great product for anyone who would like to take control of their blood pressure health with a safe and effective non-prescription natural health product, without serious side effects!”  Mohammad, a person with diabetes, actively manages his health through a healthy and well-balanced diet, supplementing with necessary vitamins and minerals, and taking his […]

“I plan to take PreCardix® for the rest of my life, and tell everyone I know about it!”

Murray had struggled with  blood pressure control since his mid 20’s, and with a long family history of  blood pressure issues and cardiovascular disease, he takes his health seriously. For over 20 years, Murray took prescription medication to regulate his blood pressure. Unfortunately, this came with some devastating side effects. Murray struggled with low libido, […]

PreCardix® Helped this Pilot and Outdoor Enthusiast Get Back into Action.

For most of my life, I have managed my health through diet, exercise, and lifestyle. I’m a non-smoker, I don’t drink much, I exercise, and I eat well. Yet, despite my best efforts, age and genetics are not on my side. In my case, a family history would cause my blood pressure also to rise […]

This 74-Year-Old Ski Buff wanted Natural Support for her Blood Pressure Health.

”Living a healthy life, filled with activity, is one of the reasons I get up every day. Almost anything I do outdoors fills me with incredible joy. From hiking the trails near my home or tackling a ski slope locally or abroad, it’s outdoors where I feel my best. I’m seventy-four years old, and though […]

Bioactive marine peptides helped me improve my blood pressure.

Karl Sikkeland (69) struggled with blood pressure control for many years, leading to a major stroke in 2011. Unfortunately, the blood pressure medications prescribed by his physician did not have the effect they hoped for, and Karl’s blood pressure remained high. In 2018, Karl heard about PreCardix®, a safe and effective natural product for healthy […]

“I’ll never have to go back to blood pressure medication again.”

Lisbeth Berger (57) struggled with blood pressure control for years despite a healthy, active lifestyle. Her doctor eventually put her on blood pressure medication to reduce the risk of heart disease. “After a few years on medication, my doctor and I decided I should try to stop the treatment to see if my blood pressure […]