CFO Gustav Folleras (Norway)

Gustav is an analytical person determined to optimize the operations and financial position of Marealis Health. During his MBA in finance at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Gustav worked as a financial adviser and accountant at Experto, managing his own portfolio of customers. He has experience from various sectors and business sizes, both on an operational and financial level. Gustav also holds both a BBA and a bachelor in leadership, innovation and market, taken simultaneously at the Arctic University of Norway. In addition, he has more than five years of experience as a board member of Lillehammer Idrettsforening, one of the oldest and largest track and field clubs in Norway. After a career in retail, ending up as a manager, Gustav also brings insight from sales, marketing, logistics, business analysis and operations. Gustav is a former track and field runner with a competitive mindset and enjoys spending time outside running, skiing, fly fishing and hiking.