Home for the Holidays

December 2020

Celebrating the Holidays | COVID-19

We’ve all seen the headlines. Covid continues to spread at an unprecedented rate, and lockdowns abound. In the spirit of the season, the PreCardix® team got together (virtually) and came up with some great ways to celebrate a more low-key holiday season this year.

1. Let it go. The entire world is in the same boat; the holidays will look different this year. Take this time to begin a few new traditions.

2. Schedule alone together. Book a zoom call, plan a phone call, book a drive-by, have a game night. Find out how your loved ones would like to engage and put it in the calendar. The main point is to plan it and keep your holiday Zoom-card full.
3. Pot-luck it is! Though you may not share your favourite meals in person, you can prepare food in advance and drop off a portion to your friends and family. If the sun is shining, have a winter picnic outdoors!
4. Make it count. Whether you celebrate alone or with a few immediate family members, make the same effort you would for a house full of guests. Do the cleaning, light the candles, prepare a meal, play the music.
5. Plan, anything. Though in-person may be out of the question, there are many virtual opportunities. Check-in with your local community centre to see what they offer, or start a book, wine, or music club. Book a future holiday, visit, or event.
6. Write letters. The art of letter writing may seem like ancient history these days, but a good letter can go a long way. Make a list and write a letter to a family member or friend each day over the holiday season.
7. Get outside. Walking is a great way to relieve stress, boredom, and isolation. Smiling and saying hello to fellow walkers is a wonderful way to connect. It’s also a great way to catch up with a friend in person or over the phone. Search ‘winter walking trails near me’ for new ideas.
8. Read or listen to a good book. You can download books at no cost from your local library, do a contactless book exchange, or order books from Amazon. You can even join a virtual book club!
9. Help someone in need. Reach out to your neighbours and find out who needs a meal dropped off, a package delivered, or an errand run. Spark Ontario has an excellent local database for volunteer opportunities.
10. Practice gratitude. No matter how challenging a situation is, there is always something to be grateful for, whether it’s your pet, a warm meal, a cozy fire, or a walk under the stars. Set your focus there.