Marealis Receives Prestigious Certification for Social and Environmental Responsibility

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PreCardix is a natural health product which utilizes a by-product from arctic shrimp production to benefit both the environment and a major health challenge in our society. In recognition of this performance, Marealis has joined the ranks of the best companies in the world by becoming a certified B Corporation.

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The certification acknowledges Marealis as a mission-driven company with the highest standards for social and environmental responsibility. Marealis is one out of very few in the natural health product industry to receive this certification. By joining other B Corp certified businesses, the goal is to create a better and healthier world.

Since Marealis was founded in 2008, we have wanted to make an impact on the planet and the people on it. We have passionately tried to achieve this by developing a safe, natural and well documented product with significant health benefits. This could help solve one of the biggest health issues in the western world today. With this in mind, we are very proud to be joining other B-corp certified companies and organizations trying to create a healthy and sustainable world”, says Jaran Rauø, Head of R&D.

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In 2002, a research report revealed positive health effects from bioactive peptides in arctic shrimp shells. Since then, Marealis have invested tremendous resources into research, product development and clinical testing. As a result PreCardix is the first blood pressure lowering supplement in the world made from the natural by-products of shrimp. By discovering the valuable benefits from this underutilized source, PreCardix is committed to support the planet in a sustainable way while battling the development of elevated blood pressure.


The B Corp certification is provided by B Lab, a nonprofit organization that focuses on the global movement of People Using Business as a Force for Good. The goal is for all businesses to use their practices in improving both social needs and environmental performance. To become certified, Marealis has met the strict requirements related to the company’s impact on workers, community and environment. This was determined through a comprehensive B Impact Assessment with approximately 200 questions. All the answers were reviewed through multiple interviews with representatives from B-Lab. Marealis also had to submit sufficient documentation supporting their answers in order to secure the credibility of their claims.