CEO Andreas Semmingsen (Norway)

Andreas is an innate leader determined to bring success to Marealis Health. Andreas has a variety of general management experience across various functions, including accounting, finance, business analysis, sales, marketing, project leadership, and operations. During his MBA at the Arctic University of Norway, Andreas was a keyaccount financial consultant at Santander Consumer Bank, and later […]

COO Carla Pietri (Canada)

Carla is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with a background in multiple industries including Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), in Canada and the USA. Her leadership experience includes work in project management, partnership development, as well as branding and marketing strategy. She’s deeply committed to executing company goals and achieving business objectives, which has previously made her […]

CFO Gustav Folleras (Norway)

Gustav is an analytical person determined to optimize the operations and financial position of Marealis Health. During his MBA in finance at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Gustav worked as a financial adviser and accountant at Experto, managing his own portfolio of customers. He has experience from various sectors and business sizes, both […]

CCO Rune Larsen (Norway)

Rune Larsen serves as the Chief Commercial Officer at Marealis, where he leads the company’s commercial strategies, focusing on the successful market launch and growth of PreCardix. With over 25 years in the creative industry, Rune has a proven leadership, brand-building, design, and consulting record, honed through significant roles in advertising, design studios, and product […]

CRMM Jenna Hammond (Canada)

Jenna Hammond is our Customer Relationship & Marketing Manager and is the newest member of our team at Marealis Health based in Canada. She is passionate about collaborating with team members and partners. She is excited by the intersection of marketing, science, food sustainability and community development. Jenna received an Honours Bachelor of Science degree […]

Head of Research Jaran Rauø (Norway)

Jaran Rauø is currently the Chief Development Manager at Stella Polaris AS, Head of Research at Marealis AS, and CEO of Marealis Innovation AS. Jaran has been the CEO of Marealis AS in 2008 and Marealis Innovation AS 2016, since inception. Jaran has his educational background from Political Science, Economics, and the Master of Fishery […]

CSO Øystein Pettersen (Norway)

Øystein has a Bachelor in Food Technology and Processing from NTNU and has built a unique network, knowledge and competence within the seafood industry over the past forty years. Øystein was one of the key innovators in the cold-water prawn industry when Stella Polaris chose to start a sales and marketing company in 1996. The […]

CPO Heming Rustad Hansen (Norway)

Heming has a Masters degree (MSc) in Fisheries and Aquaculture science from the Arctic University of Norway, and is currently writing a Ph.D. thesis within the field ‘Marine Biotechnology.’ Due to his previous work experience with laboratory research and food production, e.g. potatoes, meat and salmon, Heming has a strong focus on product quality and […]

Dr. Louise McCrindle, ND (Canada, Advisory Board Chair)

Dr. Louise McCrindle, ND is a member in good standing with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario, who has been in practice since 2008 in Toronto. In addition to her busy private practice, Louise is a published author and is also part-time Clinical Faculty and an Academic Instructor at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine […]

Dr. Shelita Dattani, Pharmacist (Canada, Advisory Board Member)

Dr.Shelita Dattani, BSc.Phm., Pharm.D.  Dr. Shelita Dattani is the Vice President of Pharmacy Affairs at the Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada and in this role she leads a team advocating for pharmacy’s evidence-based role in delivering accessible, high-quality healthcare and building capacity in public health and primary care.  Sheli is a dynamic pharmacist and a […]