Anxiety and Hypertension

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues in North America, affecting around 20% of adults1. It causes significant impacts on health and quality of life and is linked with multiple other health conditions1. Anxiety often presents as “overthinking” or “over-worrying” and can impede relationships, work and simple day to day activities. It […]

The Role of Alcohol Moderation in Managing Cardiovascular Health: A Post-COVID Perspective

In a post-COVID world, where mental health challenges have become more prevalent, the relationship between alcohol consumption and cardiovascular health has gained new significance. Moderating alcohol intake is not only vital for physical health but also for mental well-being.  Understanding Alcohol’s Impact on the Heart: Alcohol, in excessive amounts, can lead to elevated blood pressure, […]

The Benefits of Weight Loss on Cardiovascular Health and Blood Pressure

Weight loss is often touted for its aesthetic benefits, but its impact on cardiovascular health and blood pressure is perhaps even more significant, especially in the context of North America’s growing concern with heart health.    Understanding the Weight-Heart Health Connection: Excess weight, particularly around the midsection, can increase the risk of high blood pressure, […]

The Impact of Animals on Our Well-Being.

Throughout history, our lives have been enriched by the presence of remarkable companions. Dogs, cats, horses, and various other creatures have been steadfast allies, offering unwavering support through the ages. Yet, their significance transcends mere companionship; they are, in fact, unsung champions of our wellness. Animals have been living alongside humans as companions for thousands […]

Keeping Heart Healthy in Menopause.

Why is heart disease different in women and how does gender play a role?  Women often have different health issues and concerns than men, and experience a variety of changes across a lifespan from puberty, to pregnancy through until menopause.  For instance, girls with early or late puberty timing have a greater risk of developing […]

Managing Blood Pressure After Preeclampsia

As a 36-year-old mother of three, I never expected to have worry about my blood pressure. I have always considered myself to be healthy, and I did not have any major risk factors for blood pressure issues. However, after checking my blood pressure randomly one day, I realized that it was dangerously high.   My […]

Blood Pressure and Preventative Nutrition.

Life and the pressures of today can influence your choices and daily habits.  Coping with and reacting to stress in unhealthy ways can impact your overall health and put you at risk for high blood pressure.  In Canada, about 1 in 5 adults, seven and half million people live with hypertension1.  Blood pressure is a […]

How pharmacists can help Canadians manage their blood pressure health.

As dedicated healthcare professionals, pharmacists play a pivotal role in helping individuals maintain their overall well-being. In this short and insightful Q&A session with pharmacist Gianni Del Negro, we will address some of your questions and explore the diverse ways in which pharmacists can guide and support you in managing your blood pressure proactively and […]

Benefits of Mindfulness for Blood Pressure

Stress and blood pressure There are many causes for high blood pressure in adults, some being lifestyle choices such as smoking, a diet too high in sodium, excessive alcohol consumption and family history. Another significant factor that may affect your blood pressure levels is stress. When we experience chronic stress, our sympathetic nervous system – […]

Coffee and Blood Pressure.

Do you reach for a steaming cup of coffee first thing in the morning? You’re not alone! Coffee is the most widely consumed stimulant beverage in the world and is enjoyed by around 90% of North American adults1. While there are mixed messages about coffee and its impact on your health, it’s widely accepted that […]