How does PreCardix® work on your body?

The blood pressure lowering effect of PreCardix is due to its content of bioactive peptides holding an inhibitory effect to a molecule called Angiotensin Converting Enzyme, or ACE.

What are Peptides?

In nature there are 20 different amino acids, all with different characteristics. The different amino acids can be bonded to the “string” to form a peptide or a protein. The combination of the amino acids in the string, and the length of the neckless decide which health beneficial properties the protein will have.

How can exercising lower blood pressure?

We’re all aware of the benefits exercise can play in keeping our hearts healthy, our bodies active, decreasing our stress levels and even reducing the risk of some cancers. But what most people don’t know is the huge impact that exercise can have in helping to bring down high blood pressure. In fact, combining exercise, a healthy diet and lifestyle changes may prevent the use of blood pressure medications.

Foods that lower blood pressure

Along with external factors including your age, gender, genes and ethnicity, additional factors such as your diet and lifestyle can also affect your blood pressure. For that reason, having a healthy and varied diet is an important step you can take to lower your blood pressure.

The link between age and blood pressure values

As we age our blood pressure rises. The science behind this is simple: with each year that passes and as our body gets older, the structure and function of our heart changes and so too does the flexibility of our blood vessels. To be more precise, on average, our systolic blood pressure (the number on top), rises with age and the diastolic blood pressure (the number on the bottom) increases up until the age of 50 then declines.

Symptoms of high or elevated blood pressure

You can’t see high blood pressure and most of the time you can’t feel it. High blood pressure is commonly referred to as the ‘silent killer’ because it very rarely has symptoms. Every day thousands of people are diagnosed with high blood pressure and thousands more are walking around without ever knowing they have it.